Terms and Policies:

Check-in is after 3PM, 2 nights minimum stay

Here is the most unpleasant: 
I hate to say this but I have had things go "missing" or get damaged upon occasion so please be gentle, leave the house as you found it, clean it if you use it, and let me know if anything is missing or damaged. I try hard to make sure all is in order for your stay and appreciate your helping me make sure that future visitors can enjoy the same.

Now on to the more mundane:
- No smoking indoors and please let me know if I can provide an ashtray for outdoor use.
- Pots and pans are all Calphalon or Williams Sonoma French copper and do not go in the dishwasher.
- There are butcher block boards for cutting so please don't use the countertops.
- If you don't remember where something belongs, leave it out (my cleaners don't remember where things go on the shelves either...) and I will put it away for the next visitors.
- Please do not put anything away if it is not in the same condition in which you found it (yes, someone put a waffle maker on the shelf without cleaning it... Luckily I found it first!) Not to mention the coffee in the water reservoir... If you do not know how to use one of the appliances, ask and I will tell you.
- If you break something, let me know. Or if someone else broke something and didn't let me know, please let me know that too :)
- If you leave the house, please remember to turn off the lights and televisions.
- Please turn off the outside lights at night - the toggle switch in the downstairs hallway is the one.
- The property is old and so is the septic... so please don't tax it with excessive water flow. We have a new water heater (2015) but I wouldn't recommend too many long hot showers.
- Nothing other than toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet.

- Feel free to feed the chickens! They eat leftovers of most every kind. I have a plastic compost bucket in the kitchen (under the sink) for those who are interested/willing to compost kitchen scraps. Let me know and I will take it to the chicken run for you.
- The alpaca are friendly but fearful; please let them approach you if you want to try to pet them (not on the head though, they don't like that at all). They really do not like to be chased either, especially by dogs.
- Dogs must remain on leash - they are unfortunately the biggest danger to both chickens and alpaca.
- Please pick up after your pet(s) and inform me immediately of an accident.

- The chickens do escape and range freely - occasionally they leave behind a mess... I clean the outdoor deck space daily but am happy to do so upon request as well.
- There is a fire pit in the field surrounded by both Smith & Hawken teak chairs and ceramic garden benches. Please keep the teak chairs away from the fire as sparks do fly and I'd like to avoid unnecessary fires in the field :) There are also cushions in the storage box behind the Weber grill.
- Enjoy playing in the alpaca field or reading the Sunday Times in the adirondack chairs in the orchard field - the NY Times is available Sunday mornings upon request.
- We have several lawn games available - bocce, croquet, and many others. Ask and I will share. The barn has tons of toys as well as beach supplies.

If ANYTHING is not clean/working/up to your expectations, please let me know so I can fix the situation! I try to but sometimes just can't examine every pot/pan/appliance between visitors and therefore I may miss something that a previous guest put back on a shelf in a condition not up to my standards. My apologies if this happens but please let me know!

And FINALLY: Have fun and relax! Treat the house as you would your own and have a nice break from your day to day. If there is anything I can do, please feel free to let me know - my goal is for you to really enjoy your stay here at Flat Rock Farm!